About us

Our family business is based in Kompoti Artas and is active in the processing, standardization and marketing of edible olives. Our philosophy is the production of high quality products and the perfect service of our customers, for their absolute satisfaction. Our goal is the continuing of our upward course and the strengthening of our position in the domestic and international market.

Collection, processing & standardization.

Our fruits are collected carefully from selected olive groves in the wider region. The processing of the olive begins with the cleaning, sorting, ripening, preserving and standardizing processes of the fruit in practical packaging, which assures its quality, until it is consumed. The traditional way we process the fruit of the olive in our modern facilities is a guarantee for the consumer.

Varieties,quality systems,packages

Olive varieties of our business are distinguished in: Chondroelia Artas (Black, Blonde, Green). Kalamon. Our quality systems are ISO, HACCP. Our packages start from very small (vacuum bag 250g) to very large (150kg barrel).