Generations of Experience

"… The country of Athena was judged… that they first planted the oil… Athena, although she herself called the city Athens…"
The mythological version of the olive tree states that in their famous duel, Poseidon struck with his trident on the Holy Rock of the Acropolis and "spilled water", while Athena "planted oil". The Gods of Olympus, who were the judges in this race, considered the "miracle" of Athena much more important, as a result of which she gave the city its own name, Athens. Since then, the olive tree has become the sacred tree of the Greeks, because with its products, the olive tree and the oil, every aspect of their life is related, nutrition, worship, health, while its branch, the "kotinos of victory", became its symbol. noble rivalry and selflessness of the Olympic Games and the Peace of the peoples of the earth.
"Aglaokarpon" is what Homer calls the olive, while Sophocles speaks of "the leaf of a child-bearing olive".

A Family Business

The edible olive found in the area of Arta very suitable the cadastral conditions with the result that the chondrolia acquired its own identity (Arta Conservation) and in 1994 to be certified as a product of Protected Geographical Indication (31773 / 14.01.1994 - FEK17 / 14.01.94), Official Journal of the EU L163 / 1996), because it has a high nutritional value and is an integral part of the Mediterranean diet.

In the area of Arta and mainly in the area of Kompoti there are flattenings and slopes that produce cartilage of unique taste and natural taste (area of Jansarses, Floriada etc.). The fruits are harvested exclusively by hand to avoid injury, but also at the right time, factors that play a key role in its quality.

This olive is processed by our small family business in Kompoti that aspires to bring to your table the quality and especially the purity of the product, away from chemical preservatives and processed taste.
We will not move quantity, but we will serve the quality and enjoyment of the unripe edible olive…